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blog title 咳喘息 | Cough-Variant Asthma September 24, 2009

I've been suffering from chronicle cough for over three weeks.
I went to the doctor and was diagnosed as cough-variant asthma.

I'm relieved that I had not got swine flu anyway.
But I must keep on taking care not to catch it.

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blog title 新型インフル来る!!! | My Children's Junior High School Is Closed September 21, 2009

Two weeks ago, my younger daughter's elementary school was partially closed due to H1N1 swine flu.
At that time, maximum two classes were closed and the band practice were suspended for about a week.

About half a month ago, my daughter's elementary school purchased one bottled Cleverin gel for each classroom, and two air purifiers from the school budget.
Partial suspension of my younger daughter's school finished on September 10th, but all students still have been required to wear masks in school time and commuting time.

But H1N1 flu attack was not over.
Now my son's and older daughter's junior high school is hit by swine flu from yesterday and today it's completely closed until Friday.
My son and older daughter have NO classes this week and have to stay at home all week......

I've been suffering from cough for over three weeks, I must go to the doctor.

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blog title ツイッターつぎはぎ日記 | My Life Records on 9/5 from My Twitter September 5, 2009



Good morning!
Today my children's junior high school has the sports meet.
I hope it will not rain today.

I had a quarrel with my older daughter yesterday afternoon; she told me not to come and see her today...



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blog title 断酒 | A Farewell to Alcohol September 4, 2009

Today, I was told by my councelor that I should avoid drinking alcohol forever.
This made me so lonely and even feel empty.

I'm not an alcohol addict now, in fact, I've been on the wagon for almost six months.
But it's not enough, she said, since alcohol addiction hits us suddenly when we have a terribly shocking experience or a loss of our loved one. Being fond of sake itself is a crucial factor in alcohol addiction.

During my pregnancy I didn't feel like drinking.
I didn't drink at all while I breastfed my children.
All of my family members rarely drink at home, and I like drinking outside better with my friends than at home, which are a kind of party or celebration held just a few times a year.

But what my councelor suggested me is abstinence from alcohol, in order not to become alcohol addict when I got terribly desperate.
I've been able to tolerate a dry life so far dreaming that someday I can enjoy "parties" with my friends over sake again, but suppose the days without any alcohol will last forever...how will I enjoy "dry" parties from now on??? I've had lots and lots of memories with friends and sake...

I've become fearful that I would not have good times with my friends who like sake anymore, and said to her,
"I don't think I can enjoy myself in people who know I like sake anymore, I'd rather get out of my current community to meet "new" friends to heal my sorrow and emptiness."

"Changing communities is a necessary price to pay for obtaining complete abstinence from alcohol,"
was her reply.

I realized how isolated my friends who hate alcohol feel at parties when I heard her words.
Do I have to feel this isolation forever in parties with alcohol forever?
I know that nobody will kick me out of parties actually, but I feel that lonely and empty.

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blog title 娘2の誕生日 | My Younger Daughter's Birthday September 3, 2009

Happy birthday!!

The birthday gift for her is either of this:

I reserved it at a game store of course.

This is for my older daughter.
Her real birthday is one month later though.

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blog title 不覚!!!! |My Failure 

I completely forgot ordering my younger daughter's birthday cake!!!

I remember today is her birthday, but forgot that it is thoroughly prepared in advance, I mean

the cake!!!

She's seriously allergic to eggs and dairy products, which are fatal to her if she eats accidentaly.

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blog title マーチ 青空と太陽 |Blue Sky and Sunshine September 1, 2009

This is my older daughter's favorite windband tune.
She says she would have joind the junior high school band if she had known this tune.
It's a little late though, but I feel that it gives her energy anyway.
She's willing to attend school, in spite she gets up late.

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