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blog title ガックリだぜぃorz | My Cell Phone Broke June 30, 2009

Yesterday I found my cell phone broken, but I was told by my younger daughter to take her and her friends to the riverside, so I put off repairing it.

In the evening, I said to my husband, "My cell phone broke! It's the second time... May I go to an electricity shop open lately or wait until tomorrow?"
He firmly replied "Go to the repairer tomorrow."

I hear email alert sounds so many times from my broken cell phone.
Is my cell phone available again, or do I have to replace it?

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blog title やっぱりエビが好き!| I Don't Want to Quit Aquarium June 25, 2009

This photo is taken in March of last year, one month after I started keeping bee shrimps.
The shrimp tank was in my elder daughter's room and she enjoyed watching them.

Gradually, she wanted bigger tank and more dynamic kinds of fish, shrimps were moved to the tank in the main entrance.

There lived an apple snail too, which ate algae on the tank.
But it loved spinaches too!!

Last month my husband and I got both flat broke, I felt so guilty for keeping fishes and growing aquatic plants and said to my mother;

I'll quit my aquarium. From now I start selling, auctioning my fishes, plants and equipments for our deficit compensation and when they are all sold out, I'll quit it and never start again.

Some eqmipments were auctioned off, but that's the only sales so far.
Shrimps and plants still haven't been auctioned off yet.

And I realized how much I love aquarium and it's my precious stress reliever.
The tanks in the entrance relieve not only me but my children and customers, even my younger daughter's class teacher.

So that's not true that I'm fed up with aquarium, my word above is just an act of behaving as a good obedient daughter204.gif

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blog title 「ファビコン」に憧れて | Making My Favicon June 17, 2009

favicondayo.gifnI've been yearning to have a favicon on my web site someday.nnSo I tried making it by myself, searching on the net how to make it and put the one on my web site...nMy elder daughter tried it too.nnIt is not enough to make and upload a .icn image, we found it quite difficult and takes so many steps to show it on the net. nShe seemed to give up.nnfavicontukuri.gifnI joined Favicon Japan!! with my web site, but my IE8 does not accept personal web sites' handmade favicons....#:-o

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blog title 昔の相互リンク集発見!| My Old Link List June 13, 2009

I'm renewing my web site now, and remember I have an online link list abandoned for two years.
I tried accessing the maintainance page and found my account still available.
I'm sooooo delighted to see my link list again and enjoyed editing it.

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blog title 「orz」は日本製だった | Orz Made in Japan June 12, 2009










I was so surprised to see on the net that the emoticon "orz" was made in Japan!
Emoticons (emoji) has two types, western style and eastern style, and the eastern style one we Japanese are familliar with.

Reading the wikipedia article on emoticons, I'm also amazed that eastern style emoticons are getting popular among western people. They are often brought with Japanese animes.

I think I must use western style emoticons when writing English, but it will be very handy for English-learning Japanese if eastern style emoticons is spread worldwide.

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blog title SDカード失踪~!!! | My SD Card Is Missing!! June 10, 2009


忘れた頃に「あの頃の写真~(・w・) 」て思い立ち、生データをあさることが往々にしてあるので、ちょっと、さみしいです。


I'm a little sad now because the SD card for my medium-sized digital camera is missing.
It contains more than half of my photos.

Most of them in need are already edited or printed, but what I shall do when I want original pictures in the future?

I remember a talk with an experienced photoshop clerk, that digital cameras sometimes cause troubles in trips especially when media cards are missing during the trip so some junior high schools do not allow students to bring digital cameras with them for school trips.

Wow! Writing about pictures, I remember I have some film phtos to reprint...

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blog title やめるべきか、やめなくてもいいのか? | To Quit, or Not To Quite? June 7, 2009

Aquarium costs a lot.
I'm afraid I have to quit it, for it's not only helpful to save money but also can show my parents that I devote my life to raising children.

On the other hand, it's my precious mental reliever.
Now it's so difficult for me to get a English-teaching job after more than fifteen years' interval.
Actually my aquarium knowledge and products may be more useful to get a job; I've been working on it without interval.

To quit or not to quit?
That's a question...

Who will be happy if I quit it?
Only me will be happy if I continue it...

I made fish tank stand screens and put them on the lower half of the stands, taking a chance on my family's (especially my mother's) permission to continue aquarium.
Yesterday evening, my mother told me she hadn't mentioned that I should quite it so far.
She also said if I've imagined or believed she wanted me to quit it, it's just MY superstition...

I can't see what I believe, who I trust; I'm completely at a loss:?

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blog title 就活再開!|Job Search Again June 4, 2009









My husband may have got into andropause since my younger daughter was born, for he sometimes wanted to be alone on holidays, and the more the children grow the more often he enjoys solitary time on weekends.
He used to leave home suddenly and silently and went back home in the evening.
He SAID to me that he did his schoolwork at a coffee shop during his absence, that made our children feel very lonely.

A few years later he took up paragriding.
He was really happy and went to paragriding school so gaily, my children and I can see if he has his paragriding lesson looking at his face in the morning on holidays.
We got more lonely on holiday in the subconscious, but have let him go, saying "We like him going out with happy face better than staying at home with sullen face."

Paragriding is his important hobby, but not enough to relieve him.
He has felt much more stressed than other family members imagine, seeking much longer solitary time to pump him up for work, he has come to get back home late.

He has solitary dinner at cafeterias or noodle shops, sometimes he enjoys temporarily luxrious time time alone out of home....after refreshing his mind he gets home very late, almost for bed, and goes to work quite normally.

But his relaxing solitary time has a very big problem.
It costs so tremendously!!!!!
---that finally my family has become broke...

Now he is so shocked to face the fact that he promised he wouldn't waste money, but he looks very empty ever since.
He seems to suffer from melancholia too.
Not only my elder daugher and I but also he needs medecation to cheer him up.
Medication fees are much more useful than temporarily entertainment fees!!!

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blog title ちっちゃなことだけど・・・ | It's Just a Trifle Thing, But... 

---makes me annoyed...

This happens when I attach big pictures or long YouTube clips in succession.
I just want my blog more colorful and fun to read...
My English is not as good as to write interesting text entries; this must be a main reason for me to use pictures (sometimes video clips) in my blog entries.

I remember being encouraged by "Chuck-san" that I should rely on photos less and describe more by words in writing diary entries, it's in 2005, I wrote in on ALC blog then.
I'm a camera geek so I'm not sure I can come to use pictures less in my entries, but keep trying to write out more anyway.

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blog title たかがぬいぐるみ、されどぬいぐるみ|Magic Dolls  June 3, 2009

They are Piyo-chan and Pina-chan, now sold online only.
My younger daughter got Piyo-chan doll at the preschool bazaar, and she has loved it so much that she cried and sobbed and bought a new Piyo when she ruined the first one by vomitting.

She sleeps with them even now, but please don't laugh!
They are neccesary for her stress relief.

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blog title 私はそんなに怒ってるのか? | Angry??? June 2, 2009

I have a Japanese blog at livedoor, on which I can attach blog accessories freely.
I write most entries in Japanese there, and according to an automatic analyzer they are full of anger at my family...

Today it is ranked second....at the "angry blog ranking"!!!

This result doesn't make me angry but got me into a deep, deep sadness.

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やっぱりエビが好き!| I Don't Want to Quit Aquarium
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