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blog title 行くぜ♪県大会 | We Passed This Year Too!! July 23, 2008

My children's school band participated in the annual central Ibaraki band competition today, and...luckily...proceeded to the all-Ibaraki round two consecutive years!!!

We're doing our very best for a better result than last year's.

[Caution] My children's school band plays the same tune, but the performers on the video are different.

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blog title 自分に勝つこと | Facing Our Weak Points July 9, 2008





My younger daughter didn' go to school yesterday.
She said that she COULDN'T go because she had lots of unfinished Japanese and math assignments and was reluctant to take Japanese and math tests without preparation.
She repeated
"I know I have to go to school but I can't today, JUST today, ONLY today, I'm going from tomorrow, so please let me..."

The words above was quite the same as my elder daughter said sometimes at the deadlines of her assignments.

I consulted my husband about this matter and he said,
"she is just the same as her elder daughter, she avoids facing her disadvantages in her school life."
I've got so fearful.
The second selfish princess may be coming...
"Today" never ends in one day, it is repeated, she will want another "today" in her coming rough time...because it HAS BEEN repeated in absentees.
In my elder daughter's case, her refusals to go to school were repeated, at first occasionary, but they came to her more often, rather consecutively, and finally she lost her hope in school and has her days mainly at home...

I say to her, "you'll have choose one in your near future, the band and twirling or studying. You should quit the other one if you want better remarks and more time to study."
My husband told me that I didn't have to take the band and twirling away from her, but should teach her how to face her weak points staying in the band and her twirling team.

I don't want to force my younger daughter to leave the band and twirlking team, but I have to be strict for I just need to tell her the importance of studying regularly every day.

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blog title 音楽のつどい | The Annual School Chors & Bands Assembly in Mito July 1, 2008



>the meeting together of a group of people who meet together for a particular purpose


This is my younger daughter's second performance at this annual assembly.
Last year she was on percussion, this year she plays the flute.
In my children's school band, newcomers have their first year (actually until their first band competition in summer) as percussionists. From their second year, they are divided into several wind and brass instruments and a few of them stay on percussion.

This must be very hard, but impressive band competition for my younger daughter.
I felt, through their performance, their agressive passion to pass the preliminary round.
I do hope their dream come true.

Music is fantastic anyway!

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自分に勝つこと | Facing Our Weak Points
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行くぜ♪県大会 | We Passed This Year Too!!
自分に勝つこと | Facing Our Weak Points
音楽のつどい | The Annual School Chors & Bands Assembly in Mito

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