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blog title Windows アップデートしてみたら・・・ | My Laptop Works Unnatural?? May 21, 2008


When I turned off my laptop, I saw a message saying "this computer needs updating".
I updated it as always.

After finishing updating, it works strange!!

Bookmark section is not available!!!

The same thing hapens to other Windows Vista PCs, I see some forums to solve this problem on them.

My Internet browzer has Google's toolbar with Google bookmark.
I tried importing my favorite site lists to Google bookmark, and it worked well.
But wait! ---It's an online bookmark, which I dislike it.

Online bookmarking tools are convenient, with which we can see our favorite websites easily.
On the contrary, I sometimes see web sites saying "Please don't link this site to online bookmarks".
I've thought that bookmarks are kind of personal things in the internet, so not all the favorite site lists have to be online.


ダメもとでGoogle Bookmarkの「IEお気に入りをインポート」ってとこをクリックしたら、Googleブックマークのツールバーからお気に入りを見られるようにはなって・・・・


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blog title 携帯写真を持ち歩く | Updating Photos from Your Cell Phone May 19, 2008

I'm not at home but at an Internet cafe in Mito.
Today, I brought a USB cable with me, which is for connecting an au cell phone and a PC.
I successfully made a removable disk drive in a public PC, so I can upload and edit my photos in my cell phone anywhere! ---if I have my cell phone and the cable.

I try uploading one...

But not all the pictures in my cell phone are available on PC even connected to a PC with the cable.
I have to store the pictures I want to use on PC to a micro SD card!!

I still have a lot to learn for enjoying digital photos...









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blog title ペーパーレスな私 | Studying with Nintendo DS May 16, 2008

At the end of March, I bought "Eiken DS Training" to prepare for the first grade STEP test.
I got another exercise book for it over three years ago, but I couldn't make the most of it.
I think I tend not to study hard at the desk; actually hospital lobbies are the best place for me to study for a long time, and the car is the second best place.

Before Nintendo releases DS softwares for studying, I used to bring the exercise book I wanted to do, my notebook,my dictionary and my pencil case in a big bag, which was so heavy.
In February 2006 I got an electronic dictionary, I quit carrying my paper dictionary though.

It was the last autumn when I realized I liked to study outside rather than at the desk.
I had to take TOEIC test to submit my score to IIA, but I was not confident enough for finishing an exercise book for TOEIC test in my family uninterested in English.
So I bought "TOEIC test DS training" and enjoyed it very much.
I listened to KisoEigo 1 withough textbook then, but it was all I did for my TOEIC test preparation.

Eiken DS training is my second DS software for studying, but it is not as hard as TOEIC Test DS training.
Exercises are tough, but the virtual coach is less strict, nor we don't have to grow flowers in DS softwares.
But I LOVE the flowers, they helped me a lot study hard last autumn!!

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blog title 駄文|My Trifle Records May 15, 2008




Yesterday, I logged onto my EigoTown Blog after two months' interval.
I chose some of my Japanese entries from my other blogs, and recomposed them in English.
It was a pity that I could put just some of my Japanese entries into English!

I updated this blog at the internet cafe, but I didn't bring any USB cables nor USB memories containing my photos of dishes, lunchboxes, fish tanks, etc. with me.
That's the biggest mistake!!!

When I update my blogs or online diaries with my cell phone, I tend to attach photos and write just a litte.
Especially for entries about aquarium, tank pictures can be everything!!
Readers don't understand anything reading a diary entry about aquarium with no tank pictures or fish pictures.

Maybe I'm not only an English lover but also a camera geek...

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blog title 改装 | I'll Renew This Blog May 14, 2008

I'd like to change the title of this blog.

The new title is gonna be....

Love & Peace

I resolve that I will live my life always with love and peace in my heart,
to be able to prevent unconstructive quarrels.

Love and peace will save the day!!
I should cherish my days...with love and peace in my heart!!!

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Windows アップデートしてみたら・・・ | My Laptop Works Unnatural??
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Windows アップデートしてみたら・・・ | My Laptop Works Unnatural??
携帯写真を持ち歩く | Updating Photos from Your Cell Phone
ペーパーレスな私 | Studying with Nintendo DS
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